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CPSLDAPSetup is a directory configuration that allows CPS to use a LDAP directory as its members database. A sample OpenLDAP configuration is included.

What this package does


As of CPS 3.4.0, CPSUserFolder has become the default authentication provider for CPS. It works as a dedicated front end for members, groups and roles directories. In the default CPS 3.4.0 configuration, all this data is kept in the Zope database (ZODB)

Directory overview

Once this package has been installed, the members directory will find its entries directly from LDAP, using the "uid" attribute for user id. Groups and roles directory keep being stored in the ZODB. The lists of roles and groups appearing on member entries are actually computed from them. They won't make their way in your LDAP database.

Reminder: one needs the Member role to log in.


See the link below for detailed instructions. It is mandatory to follow them in that precise order.

Installing this product will erase all prior member data.

How that works

CPSDirectory architecture is a very flexible one, that comes with vertical and horizontal directory aggregation tools, that one may call virtual directories.

CPSDirectory provides the CPS administrator with three kinds of directories :

  • ZODBDirectories that are able to directly store schema structured entries in the ZODB
  • Directories that links to external data sources such as LDAPBackingDirectory and SQLDirectory
  • Virtual directories (MetaDirectory and Stacking) that can merge entries from existing backing directories

By default CPS stores its users, roles and groups in three ZODB directories. CPSLDAPSetup provides a new profile to setup a vitual members directory by combining MetaDirectory, StackingDirectory and LDAPBackingDirectory instances.

You can use this profile as an example to build your on custom setup such as the one on the enclosed schema that also add a reference to a relational database server.

Sample setup with SQL and LDAP sources

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